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 Catalog of classes given by Rebbetzin Levine

This is a class with a focus on the practical applications. It's a great review for those who have already learned the halachos and a good introduction for those who haven't yet. The series classes are:

  1. Cooking and Reheating Food. We'll answer questions: How can I serve warm challah on Shabbos? How do I make tea, coffee and hot chocolate? Can I add croutons to my hot soup? How do I heat a baby bottle?
  2. Laws of Muktzeh. We'll answer questions: What should I do if I left my phone on my bed? How can I clean up if a child dumped all the markers on the floor? Someone left a camera on the table - can I move it?
  3. Boreir/Sorting. We'll define and discuss this often-applicable melacha of sorting and discuss how to manage to do all that you need to get done, while avoiding this melacha.

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1  07/07/14   Cooking and Reheating Food   download
2  07/14/14   Laws of Muktzeh     download
3  07/21/14  Boreir/Sorting   download