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 Catalog of Rebbetzin Levine classes

Date Topic Source sheet Listen Download
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1  05/11/11 Introduction and Rabinnical Restrictions to Preserve Restful Nature of Shabbos download
2  05/18/11 Hachono -- Prohibition to Prepare for Post-Shabbos Needs download
3  05/25/11  What Qualifies as Clothing Articles on Shabbos ? download
4  06/01/11  Jewelry and Band Aids: Can We Wear Them Outdoor on Shabbos? download
5  06/15/11  Oops - I Carried Something Outside. Now What?   download
6  07/13/11  Melabein -- Oh, no! Grape Juice Spilled on My Beautiful Outfit. Now What?   download
7  07/20/11  Melabein -- Washing, Laundering, Bleaching   download