Catalog of classes given by Rav Levine.
 All Am Echad audio and video recordings.

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1 10/18/2010 Jewish History: why? download
2 10/25/2010 Destruction of 2nd Temple and Jewish-Roman Wars download
3 11/01/2010 Rabbi Akiva and the Development of the Mishnah download
4 11/08/2010 Early Christianity and the Beginning of Christian Anti-Semitism download
5 11/22/2010 Babylonian Jewry and the Rise of Islam download
6 11/29/2010 Karaites and Khazars download
7 12/13/2010 The Golden Age of Spain download
8 12/27/2010 Rashi, Tosfos, and the Development of Ashkenazi Jewry download
9 01/10/2011 Crusades, Blood Libels and the Black Plague download
10 01/31/2011 Maimonides, Nachmanides, and the Sages of Provence download
11 02/28/2011 The Spanish Inquistion download
12 03/21/2011 A Changing World-The Renaissance and the Reformation download
13 05/16/2011 The Jews of Poland download
14 05/30/2011 Kabbalah, Messianic Fervor and the Debacle of Shabtai Tzvi download
15 06/11/2011 The Hasidic Movement and its Illustrious Opponents download
16 08/01/2011 Emancipation, Mendelssohn, and the Rise of Reform download
17 11/21/2011 The Haskalah in Eastern Europe download
18 11/28/2011 Coming to America download
19 12/05/2011 Communism, Nazism, and the Destruction of European Jewry download
20 12/12/2011 Return to the Land of Israel download

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